So what is life purpose?

Well, this concept gets thrown around a lot and it can be a little daunting to think about.

I’ve had a sense my entire life that there was and is a greater purpose to my life than just going through the motions and living and dying. 

I believe that there are particular soul contracts that I have incarnated with and that I am destined to explore. I first realised this years after a traumatic event when a boyfriend died and I had to reconcile this event with my experience and purpose. 

As hard as it was, and as unlikely as it was that I even met him to begin with I knew I had a soul contract with him. That everything happened for a reason, even losing this amazing person. That he had also lived out his soul contracts including meeting me.

For me, it is incredibly important to feel aligned with a sense of purpose and passion in all that I do and to help others to do the same. 

Discovering my Astrological Purpose was enlightening.

It has allowed me to understand why I have gravitated towards certain work and careers that don’t light me up but which I am very good at - and why I feel resistance yet also magnetised to other expressions of myself.

It’s helped me to understand why I teach what I do and why I have been driven in 2020 to open a design house.

Your astrological purpose is linked to your Lunar Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes known as our North & South Nodes are not planets but mathematically calculated points directly opposite each other on our birth chart.

The nodes are points in space where two different orbits intersect: the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the Sun’s orbit as it appears to move around the Earth. The point at which these two orbital paths cross is where we find the north node and the south node.

The Lunar Nodes hold so much gold for us in aligning to our soul purpose and living our best life as well as understanding our karmic lessons and why we might fall back into old ways or be afraid to step into our power.

The lunar nodes are predicated on the concept of past lives and karma so ultimately some level of belief in this concept is required to fully apply soul purpose astrology in your chart and in your life. 

Your South Node is a karmic point on your chart representing your most recent past life – what you mastered in your previous life and therefore a point of comfort or ease in this life but also a point of potential stagnancy. Our South Node is what we gravitate towards and what we often come back to. Our South Node represents the skills you already have that you have mastered and they are therefore easy to express. It’s your comfort zone and you can see it as part of your ancestral lineage or past life karma (depending on your beliefs).

Your North Node is a very special point in your astrology chart, especially for Soul Purpose Astrology. It is the point of your soul purpose or ultimate journey in this lifetime. Your North Node path won’t always feel easy, true and often will not feel comfortable – but it is where your essential happiness and sense of purpose will be found. The North Node is also about our Karmic Path in this lifetime and the lessons we came here to learn. It’s about our Soul Mission (as opposed to the often Egoic journey of our sun) but like our sun it will be a place of expansion.

The Lunar Nodes

// Get acquainted with the Lunar Nodes

// Learn about the Lunar Nodes and Polarity

// Understand your Nodal Axis

Your South Node

Comfort zone & point of stagnancy.

// Dive Deeper into the South Node

// Explore the south node through the zodiac signs & houses

// Discover your comfort zone and point of stagnancy

South Node & Past Lives

// The South Node & what it tells you about past lives

The North Node

Your soul purpose & growth point

// Dive Deeper into the North Node

// Explore the north node through the zodiac signs & houses

// Discover your soul purpose and growth potential in this lifetime

The Relationship between your nodes

// Discover the Rulers of your Lunar Nodes

// Explore how your lunar nodes work together (or against each other!)

// Learn about the challenges and unresolved issues of your nodes

Aligning to your nodal placement

// Learn how to bring together what you have learnt about your Lunar Nodes and to integrate them for maximum impact

// Create a vision for your soul-aligned purpose

// Align your life & business to your astrological purpose

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Lunar Nodes

    • Welcome to your Astrological Purpose

    • Navigating the course

    • Participation Guidelines

    • Creating Your Chart

    • Lunar Node Workbook

    • Introduction the the Lunar Nodes

    • The Nodal Axis

  • 2

    The South Node Part 1

    • South Node Part 1 Workbook

    • The South Node

    • The South Node through the Zodiac

    • The South Node through the Houses

  • 3

    South Node Part 2 - Past Lives

    • South Node Workbook Part 2

    • South Node & Past Lives

    • South Node & Past Lives - Signs

    • South Node & Past Lives - Houses

    • South Node & Past Lives - Planets Conjunct the South Node

    • South Node & Past Lives - Planetary Ruler

    • South Node & Past Lives - Bringing it together

    • Past Life Meditation

  • 4

    The North Node

    • North Node Workbook

    • The North Node

    • The North Node through the Zodiac

    • North Node through the Houses

    • Your North Node Ruler

  • 5

    Applying your North Node in a Practical Way - the MC & 10th House

    • Applying the North Node Workbook

    • The MC

    • The MC through the Zodiac

    • The 10th House Ruler

    • Planets in the 10th House

  • 6

    The Relationship between your Nodes

    • The Relationship between your Nodes workbook

    • The Relationship between your nodes

    • Squares to your nodes

  • 7

    Integrating & Crystallising your Purpose

    • Integrating your Purpose Workbook

    • Your Astrological Purpose Meditation

    • Your Purpose Summary

    • Aligning your life and business to your Astrological Purpose

    • YAPurpose Course Completion Survey

With gorgeous module workbooks

to support your learning

Who is this Program for?

// You are going through a period of transition in your life or business.

// Perhaps you find yourself in a rut or you continue to go back to work or a business that feels easy but there is something missing on a deeper soul level.

// You want to understand why this might be and how you can break through these patterns to feel a sense of passion and purpose in your life and work or business.

// Your soul is calling you to Astrology and you have a sense that it holds the answers for your soul purpose.

Course Delivery

  • Videos & Workbooks

    Each lesson is delivered with a face to camera or presentation style video that you can listen to and take notes and each module comes with a beautifully designed workbook to guide you through exploration of your astrological purpose.

  • Ask Questions

    Ask your questions and get personalised feedback directly in each lesson as you learn.

    There will be a dedicated discussion thread for each lesson - no moving back and forth between the membership site and facebook!

    And you'll get email notifications when your question has been answered.

  • Live Coaching Calls

    We will have a weekly call to go over that week's module and to answer any questions and help you to apply the course material to your unique astrology chart.

    If you enroll outside of live rounds you can watch the recording.

This course is for you if...

  • You are feeling stuck in your current career or business

  • You love your career or business but something isn't quite right

  • You want to feel completely aligned in all parts of your life

  • You want to learn from a practical, down to earth astrologer who understands how to create and deliver effective online teaching methods.

Your Guide

Creator of the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy

Kathryn Hocking

Kathryn is a modern intuitive astrologer who believes that astrology is a lifelong dedication and learning process.

Kathryn's perspective is that astrology is a gateway into discovering and aligning to your deep soul purpose as well as tuning in to your life’s seasons, passages and transitions.

She passionately knows that Astrology allows us to navigate these passages with grace and ease and find meaning even during the hard times.

Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul and launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned way using astrology as their guide.

She is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon and Virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing and extremely organised, focus and planned!


  • When does the course start and finish?

    This course can be started at any time.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own for as long as the Academy is running.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund as long as you can demonstrate you worked through the first module of the course and tried the workbook.

  • What do I need to be able to do this course?

    Ideally, you need your exact birth detail such as time of birth (to the minute), place of birth and date of birth. If you don't know these details contact me as we may be able to work it out by other means.

  • Can I ask questions about the course content?

    Yes! You will be able to ask questions in each of the lessons and even upload your chart for me to refer to! I'll also develop course FAQs and develop further resources as needed.

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Nourishment for my Soul

Peta watson

I would highly recommend this course to help you fall in love with your path and purpose in this life time ( and previous ones!)

I would highly recommend this course to help you fall in love with your path and purpose in this life time ( and previous ones!)

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5 star rating

Very interesting class!

Elisabeth Markus Markus

I learned a lot about how astrology and charts work. Very clear and with step-by-step stages. I had a question and it was easy to ask the author of the cours...

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I learned a lot about how astrology and charts work. Very clear and with step-by-step stages. I had a question and it was easy to ask the author of the course from within the course site, and she responded and was very helpful.

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