Discovering my soul-aligned AstroBrand helped me to align all the different parts of my business into an aligned and cohesive whole.

Astrobranding ™ is a powerful process that combines the well-established Branding Archetypes that many Branding specialists and designers around the world use and applies them to zodiac signs.

It’s kind of perfect that there are 12 main branding archetypes and 12 main zodiac archetypes so combining branding archetypes and astrology is a match made in heaven.

But aligning brand archetypes with the zodiac signs is just the beginning because our brand is so much more than picking the brand archetype that matches our sun sign or zodiac sign.

Astrobranding ™ is my proprietary framework that takes Brand and Astrological Archetypes and your birth or business chart to delve deeper than you ever thought possible into your soul-aligned brand.

I developed the Astrobranding Archetype Map ™ framework in 2019 and I have since then worked with over 30 clients to understand their AstroBrand and align their branding (or rebrand) with their AstroBrand Signature.

The Astrobranding Archetype Map

combines four points on your natal or business chart

Your Brand’s Essence – how you shine and your purpose in the world

Your Brand’s Allure – How others see you and how to show up as an authentic version of this and draw them to you

Your Brand’s Connection – How you can connect most authentically with your soul clients through an aligned brand voice and copy

Your Brand’s Soul Clients – Who your soul clients actually are (this might surprise you) and how to reflect this in your brand so that they are magnetized to you.

Plus Any other significant archetypes that need to be part of your aligned brand based on an assessment of your natal or business astrology chart.

Your AstroBrand Map

a creative and insightful journey into your soul-aligned brand based on your natal astrology chart.

How can Astrobranding ™ help you?

It will help you to create an Authentic Brand

Astrobranding ™ will give you the confidence to show up as the true version of yourself and your business because you will see it right there in your chart.

Astrobranding ™ will enable you to stop being who you think you should be, or trying to play a role that doesn’t fit and instead be who you are meant to be.

A great example of this is when I first moved into more soulful offerings and I felt like I had to brand myself and these programs in an “uber spiritual” way. I had some photos taken and selected clothes with lots of crystals, spiritual poses, and clothes that were what I thought a “spiritual person” should wear.

But it never felt right, because it wasn’t me. It wasn’t aligned with my AstroBrand which has a hefty dose of the Virgo Archetype in it which is about a more classic, simple, and understated style.

Had I understood Astrobranding ™ at the time I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

Astrobranding™ reflects what your clients love about you

Astrobranding ™ also helps you to understand what others simply LOVE about you and how to align your brand and business with this drawcard for business growth.

I mentioned above that I had been denying my Virgo archetype in my brand. Well, that’s a problem because that’s what people love about me. My systems, organisation, my sense of service, attention to detail, love of quality, and my grounded healer vibes.

As I went through my spiritual awakening I wanted to release all of my more masculine energy and go and float away in the cosmos. I studied soul and energy medicine, astrology, and many other spiritual topics. 

However, my clients come to me for my business brain, my strategy, my ability to help them feel held and taken care of, and my ability to hold them accountable. So my brand and offerings have to have this Virgo energy to be successful.

Astrobranding™ attracts your Soul Clients

Astrobranding ™ also helps you to connect more deeply with your soul clients without having to complete long ideal client questionnaires! This has to be one of the aspects of AstroBranding that I love the most because it can be really eye-opening. 

My soul clients are the Pisces archetype – this doesn’t necessarily mean they are a Pisces sun but it means that they are likely highly creative, soulful, or spiritual, and can tend to find it hard to create systems and structures for themselves.

Through astrology and business coaching I help them to work in a way that still allows for creative flow but also helps them identify the best times for certain activities.

My brand has to speak to their Pisces souls but it needs to be more than just a Piscean brand.

Astrobranding™ provides you direction to move forward

Once you understand your AstroBrand you can confidently engage a designer to brand (or rebrand) your business or create your own branding using the custom colour palette and mood board that we create through this course to start the process.

So often we either end up with branding we don’t like or get stuck and don’t get started at all because we are not clear on what we want.

AstroBranding will give you that clarity.

Module overview

Introduction to AstroBranding

We’ll learn about the 12 core brand archetypes and how they can be aligned with the 12 signs of the zodiac. 


  • receive my 12 AstroBranding Mood Boards to support your journey.

  • learn about the 4 sub-archetypes for each brand archetype.

  • be introduced to my Astrobranding Archetype Map method and how to apply it to your business or natal chart.

Your Brand’s Essence

We will: 

  • learn about what your sun means about how your business is meant to shine and the core essence of your brand. 

  • determine the sub-archetype of our business essence to refine our brand even further.

  • explore the core strengths and vitality that you bring to your business brand through some world-leading profiling tools. 

Your Brand’s Emotional Connection

We will: 

  • learn about what your moon means about how your business is meant to connect.

  • determine the sub-archetype of your business connection to refine your brand even further.

  • dive into how your personal love languages can support you to connect through your business - this is a business angle of the love languages that you won’t have seen before!

Your Brand’s Allure

We will 

  • learn about what your rising sign means about what your soul clients love about you and your business

  • determine the sub-archetype of your allure to refine your brand even further.

  • dive into how we are practically living out our rising sign to attract and impress our soul clients

Your Brand’s Soul Clients

We will 

  • discover precisely who your soul clients are

  • determine the sub-archetype of your soul clients to refine your brand and offerings even further.

  • go even deeper to identify your super soul client 

  • identify the most aligned niche for you to serve and the best way for you to serve them

Your AstroBrand Map


  • summarise your AstroBrand into a cohesive whole

  • explore your aligned brand values, brand voice, and power words to help you when communicating through your brand (think website copy, social media, and more!)

  • identify an aligned colour palette for your AstroBrand and learn about colour psychology and colour design theory

  • develop a Mood Board for your unique AstroBrand (including a Canva template and training)

Example of a previous students AstroBrand Board

I’ll include some of my best resources for creating your mood board and I’ll provide feedback once you have created it.

This will provide you with the perfect clarity and strategy to create your own visual branding or engage a designer without the stress of not being clear on what you want. You can even engage me through Pisces Creative Co to bring your vision to life.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Your AstroBrand Map

    • Combining Astrology & Profiling Tools + Pre-Work

    • Should you use your natal or business chart for this process?

    • Pre-Work Workbook

  • 2

    Introduction to AstroBranding

    • Introduction Workbook

    • Introduction Week Tasks

    • Introduction to Brand Archetypes & AstroBranding

  • 3

    AstroBranding: Your Sun, Strengths & Vitality

    • Astrobranding: Your Sun, Strengths & Vitality

    • AstroBranding Sun Workbook

  • 4

    AstroBranding: Your Moon & Emotional Connection

    • AstroBranding: Your Moon & Connection

    • AstroBranding Moon Workbook

  • 5

    AstroBranding: Your Rising & Your Allure

    • AstroBranding: Your Rising Sign & Allure

    • AstroBranding Rising Workbook

  • 6

    AstroBranding: Your Descendant and Soul Client

    • AstroBranding: Your Descendant & Soul Client

    • AstroBranding Descendant Workbook

  • 7

    AstroBranding: Creating your aligned AstroBrand Mood Board

    • Creating your aligned AstroBrand Mood Board

    • AstroBranding Integration Workbook

    • Using the Canva Summary Document

    • Using the Canva Mood Board

    • Useful Links

    • Feedback

This is a professional Online Course

Delivered in an online training website where you can track your progress, ask questions, connect with other students and more!

Bonus Gift

Sent in the mail

I'll send you my set of professionally printed AstroBrand Cards in the mail.

Course Delivery

  • Videos & Training Materials

    Each module is delivered with a face to camera or presentation style video along with beautifully designed workbooks have been designed to guide you through your exploration of Your AstroBrand Map

  • Ask Questions

    Ask your questions and get personalised feedback directly in each lesson as you learn. There will be a dedicated discussion thread for each lesson and you'll get email notifications when your question has been answered.

  • Live Calls

    We will have a weekly call to go over that week's module and to answer any questions and help you to apply the course material to your unique astrology chart. If you enroll outside of live rounds you can watch the recordings.

Pricing options

Choose the option that works best for you

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Who is this Program for

This program does require an understanding of your Sun, Moon and Rising placements in your natal and/or business. If you are not familiar with this then I suggest you grab the bundle with Your Astrological Signature.

  • You are feeling like your current brand doesn’t represent who you really are or you want to make sure you create a brand that is aligned and strategic right from the start

  • You are stuck from forward with your branding because you lack clarity

  • Or perhaps your brand is in dire need of a rebrand but you want to strategically understand it before you invest the time and money

  • You want to finally get clear on your soul-aligned brand so that you can communicate who you are and attract your most soul-aligned clients.

  • You want to better understand who you are really meant to serve

  • When you think about colours and vibe for your brand you go round and round in circles

  • You don’t know how best to communicate with your audience

  • You want to learn from a practical, down to earth astrologer meets designer who understands how to create and deliver effective online training.

  • You want quality and beautiful training and materials and the ability to ask questions and gain support as you learn.

Who am I?

Astrologer & Founder of Pisces Creative Co

Hey! I’m Kathryn Hocking but you can call me Kath.

I’m a passionate, creative, and soulful entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in branding online businesses and online courses.

I’m also a qualified coach, trainer, and astrologist with an eye for feminine, beautiful branding.

I’ve consulted with over 35 clients on their
soul-aligned AstroBrand and designed more than 15 Luxe AstroBrands and Websites for clients.


  • Are there any course pre-requisities?

    Ideally, you have gone through my program Your Astrological Signature or you have a strong understanding of your sun, moon, and rising sign placement. You can purchase the bundle of both courses and catch up before Your AstroBrand Map starts.

  • What do I need to be able to undertake this course?

    Ideally, you need your exact birth detail such as time of birth (to the minute), place of birth and date of birth. If you don't know these details contact me as we may be able to work it out by other means.

  • Can I ask questions about course content?

    Yes! I will be running weekly live calls when the course is live to help you apply your knowledge and you will also be able to ask questions in each of the lessons and even upload your chart for me to refer to! I'll also develop course FAQs and develop further resources as needed.

  • When does the course start & finish?

    This course starts on the 6th June 2022 and runs for 6 weeks.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own - for as long as the Academy is running.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund (minus the cost of the course gift, assessments and postage - this could be up to $100USD) as long as you can demonstrate you worked through the first module of the course and tried the workbook.

  • Will you teach me to design my logo and other visual branding in this course?

    No this is not a design course - it is an Astrology course that applies your astrology to your Branding - meaning what your natal chart tells us about your soul clients, how others see you, your brand vibe, brand voice, brand values and we also look at colour psychology. We also use some additional assessments to look at your strengths and other aspects of your personality. You will need to then design your own branding or engage someone to do it for you.

New to Astrology?

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